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Random questions

  • How many spheres are there in the entire universe and what is the difference between a sphere and a sky?
    8049 آسمان و زمین
    According to an ancient opinion, sphere refers to the ethereal bodies which are made up of nine levels or layers seven of which are named as kawakib sab’a (the seven planets). The eighth sphere is named as falak al-borouj (sphere of fixed stars) or thawabit (the fixed) ...
  • Please explain the features the Quran mentions for an Imam.
    6768 Traditional
    There are two types of Imamate (leadership of a society) mentioned in the Quran; First: “The Imams of light” who are the pious and righteous leaders and second: “The Imams of fire” who are the heads of Kufr (disbelief) and deviation. Many features have been mentioned ...
  • Can one say that angels have different levels of infallibility?
    6853 Traditional
    Angels are very noble and delicate creatures and of high and numerous virtues (which have been expressed by the Quran). One of their traits is that they lack any materialistic and animalistic characteristics. They neither have any desire to sin, nor the strength to do so, making them pure ...
  • When Allah gives His creation certain qualities, does that mean that they have become partners with Him in that given quality?
    3487 Traditional
    When a creation is in lack of a certain quality such as power, and is then given it by God, even at the time when it seemingly bears that quality, it has no independence whatsoever. It isn't the case that for a certain time, it possesses a ...
  • Can a person borrow money to go to hajj?
    6341 Laws and Jurisprudence
    This question can be answered in two parts:A) Hajj is one of the greatest worships that one can borrow money for, and there are hadiths by the infallibles regarding the permissibility of borrowing for it in hadith sources.[1]B) Another issue that arises here is that since ...
  • Do tattoos affect wudhu, ghusl and Hajj acts?
    11938 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Most of the grand jurists have said in regards to having tattoos: If tattoos are mere color or they are done under the skin and there is no substance on the skin to prevent water from reaching the skin, wudhu, ghusl and prayer are in order.
  • What is the meaning of the government of Islamic Republic?
    3695 Philosophy
    The word "government" means order and command.In the present terminology, it consists of the aggregate of the organized members and the ruling group that control the affairs of society.It consists of three powers, viz, legislative, executive and judiciary.As regard the word "jomhoori" (republic), it was first adopted ...
  • Are the homeopathic remedies halal?
    3793 گوناگون
    If homeopathic remedies do not involve using impure or haram things or any illegal method of cure and they do not cause any damage to the patient's health, there would be no problem in it. Index: The same question has been forwarded to the offices of some ...
  • Who is God? Why have I not become God? Why do I always have to be weaker, inferior and less knowledgeable than God?
    3991 Traditional
    Doubt and skepticism in the sphere of beliefs is a spiritual illness and will endanger the spiritual and mental health of the individual and society; therefore it must be carefully cured. However doubt and skepticism in faith is a sign of intellectual growth and ...
  • How can one create harmony between religion and science?
    4201 Philosophy of Religion
    Those who consider religion and science as two separate ways aren’t truly familiar with divine religions particularly Islam and haven’t paid attention to the fact that the two are of completely different responsibilities that have nothing in common.Religion is of three parts; man’s relationship with himself, man’s relationship ...