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Random questions

  • I want to make sure that all my deeds are performed according to Islamic laws. The obsession has affected my ordinary life. I need you advice.
    2930 Theology 2015/09/14
    God has allowed man to make decisions on his own free will for the most part of his life and it makes no sense, to be so particular and obsessive. Although performing the obligatory duties and staying away from the prohibited ones might, at times, cause you ...
  • What is the starting point for purifying the soul?
    4680 Theoretical 2009/09/23
    Purification means to clean your soul of impurity. The Quran has mentioned purifying the soul in various verses but one should know that the basis and starting point of purification varies from person to person.  For a person that is not Muslim, the first essential step will be ...
  • Do the descendants of the Prophet have to pay khums?
    3202 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/04/20
    If one acquires wealth through business or industry or any other means, in the case of the wealth exceeding his and his household’s yearly needs, he must then submit one fifth (khums) of the remaining wealth to a qualified mujtahid, or spend that amount in a way that ...
  • Please count four of the Prophet’s miracles that have been mentioned in the Quran.
    6695 Exegesis 2008/07/22
    An act that prophets do to prove their prophethood that normal individuals aren’t capable of doing is called a “miracle”.The Holy Quran is the greatest miracle of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In the Quran, there are numerous verses that speak of and prove it being a miracle. In addition ...
  • What is meant by inner rules in regards to recite the Holy Quran?
    4286 Quranic Studies 2014/04/20
    Since the Holy Quran is Allah's words and the Prophet of Islam's (P.B.U.H) miracle, Muslims show the special respect to it even at the advent of Islam. According to the verses of Quran, recommendations and narrations of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), Muslims have been observing some special ...
  • Has it been mentioned in the Quran how many rak’ats each prayer has?
    3332 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/08/15
    Due to its unique structure the Quran has briefly mentioned the outline of Islamic teachings (like Ahkam, Aghaed, History, etc.) and has assigned the prophet of Islam to explain it in detail and interpret it. After executing the abovementioned task, the ...
  • When are nafilahs to be performed?
    4790 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/08/16
    Performing nafilahs prepares one for performing the wajib prayers and brings a tendency and desire for performing Islamic obligatory acts and wajib prayers.The most important outcome of praying nafilahs is what the famous hadith of Qubul-Nawafil discloses to ...
  • Is it a duty of a Mujtahid to identify the subject of a rule or should the follower himself make efforts to distinguish it?
    2418 General Terms 2014/09/18
    Generally speaking, it is the responsibility of the duty-bound (mukallaf) to identify the subject matter. However, it should be noted that identification of certain subjects involves inference and deduction and it would be, therefore, the duty of a Mujtahid to identify it. As well, when the Mujtahid ...
  • Is it permissible to bury Muslims in kafir cemeteries?
    3812 Laws and Jurisprudence 2008/12/31
    According to Islamic law, it is forbidden to both bury Muslims in kafir cemeteries and kafirs in Muslim ones, and if such a thing ever takes place, it is permissible to exhume the corpse and transfer it to the appropriate graveyard.
  • Why do we have to wear Iḥrām during Hajj?
    3564 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2012/02/14
    Hajj is [a pilgrimage] filled with mysteries and signs that provoke man into deep thought and guide him [back] towards his fitrah (his inner essence and nature). Therefore it is appropriate that at every step, one pays attention to both the apparent ...