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Last Updated: 2006/04/05
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what is the Ruling on eating holy bread offered by christians?

im a muslim who wants to know whether what i did was haram or not. i fear that it is haram and i dont know what to do.

i recently was offered holy bread (of the Christians) by my christian friends. it was normal bread that we eat, but called holy bread. i have no idea about it, but i didnt no what to do in this situation!

i did not want my freinds to think that muslims are against chrsitians or offend them in that way, so i accepted it and put it in my mouth.

however, i just could not eat it, so i let it remain in my mouth, excused myself, and apat it out in private (in the washroom).

i feel that what i did was haram and i think u arent allowed to eat anything that has someone else's name (except Allah's) invoked on it..

i am very very worried, i dont know what to do. Please help me with my problem someone, as SOON AS POSSIBLE. please.

thank you very much everyone,

Concise answer

Dear Brother/Sister,

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah.

The answer to your question is as follows:

From a fiqhi perspective there is no problem in what you done, as long as what you ate is not regarded as impure (najis) or forbidden to eat or drink, in which case it would be haram to do so. Solely going to a non-Muslim congregation or eating holy bread that has been blessed by a priest is not regarded as sinful; however, under normal circumstances a Muslim must not act in a form that presents them as non-Muslims, or they should not act in such a way that is contrary to the teachings of Islam.  

Please inform us if you need more elaboration or have any other queries.

With prayers for your success and apologies for the delay

Thank you,

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