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Last Updated: 2012/01/28
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Is identification of individuals and personalities in Paradise and Hell possible?
Is identification of individuals and personalities in Paradise and Hell, as well as information about their condition possible
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In the Holy Book of the Quran, there are verses in witness of the conversation between the dwellers of Paradise and those of Hell, which briefly relate the possibility of information for the dwellers of Paradise about the condition and final position of the people of Hell. Similarly the learned persons, enjoying superiority over the dwellers of both Paradise and Hell, can recognize all of them from their faces. There are so many traditions which allude that the learned persons are the very infallible religious leaders, who in the shape of ordinary common human beings stand as chosen persons who wield physical control over Paradise, Hell and their dwellers.

Sura al-Saffaat Verse: 50 – 57:- We will mention some verses from the Holy Quran at this juncture: “Some of them will turn to others, questioning each other. One of them will say, ‘Indeed I had a companion who used to say, ‘‘Are you really among those who affirm [that] when we are dead and have become dust and bones, we shall indeed be brought to retribution?’’ ’He will say, ‘Will you have a look?’ Then he will take a look and sight him in the middle of hell. He will say, ‘By Allah, you had almost ruined me! And had it not been for my Lord’s blessing, I too would have been among the arraigned!’”


Surah Mudaththir, Verse: 38-50: Every soul is hostage to what it has earned, except the People of the Right Hand. [They will be] in gardens, questioning concerning the guilty: ‘What drew you into Hell?’They will answer, ‘We were not among those who prayed. Nor did we feed the poor.We used to gossip along with the gossipers, and we used to deny the Day of Retribution, until death came to us.’ So the intercession of the intercessors will not avail them. What is the matter with them that they evade the Reminder as if they were terrified asses.

Surah Araaf, Verse: 44 – 51:- The inhabitants of paradise will call out to the inmates of the Fire, ‘We found what our Lord promised us to be true; did you find what your Lord promised you to be true?’ ‘Yes,’ they will say. Then a caller will announce in their midst, ‘May Allah’s curse be on the wrongdoers!’ Those who bar [others] from the way of Allah, and seek to make it crooked, and disbelieve in the Hereafter. And there will be a veil between them. And on the Elevations will be certain men who recognize each of them by their mark. They will call out to the inhabitants of paradise, ‘Peace be to you!’ (They will not have entered it, though they would be eager to do so. And when their look is turned toward the inmates of the Fire, they will say, ‘Our Lord, do not put us among the wrongdoing lot!’) And the occupants of the Elevations will call out to certain men whom they recognize by their marks, ‘Your rallying did not avail you, nor what you used to disdain. Are these the ones concerning whom you swore that Allah will not extend them any mercy?’ ‘Enter paradise! You shall have no fear, nor shall you grieve.’ The inmates of the Fire will call out to the inhabitants of paradise, ‘Pour on us some water, or something of what Allah has provided you.’ They will say, ‘Allah has indeed forbidden these two to the faithless!’


Upon the “Aaraaf” there are persons who recognize both the two groups by their faces. And they address the dwellers of Paradise, proclaiming to them, “ let there be safety upon you” although they have not yet entered, but are, however, desirous to enter into the Paradise.

As soon as the residents of “Aaraaf” catch sight of the people of Hell, they say O God! Do not make our abode the same place as these wicked persons.

And the residents of “Aaraaf” will proclaim to the individuals whom the recognize by their faces, “you saw that the accumulation of the riches and the status, upon which you took pride and vanity, never suited to you. Do you see the position of the group of the faithful, regarding whom you swore that God never covers them under His kindness and blessings?

And the dweller of Hell will call the dwellers of Paradise, bestow upon us from the refreshing water and the comforts that God has made your sustenance. They will reply that God has forbidden these blessings for the pagans.

Those who treated the Divine religion as a play thing and regretful, the articles of worldly life deceived and made them careless, today We will not cover them under our blessings, as they had not given any consideration for a day like this, and had disregarded Our signs.

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