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Last Updated: 2011/12/20
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What is our duty during the time of Imam Mahdi’s occultation?
What is our duty during the time of Imam Mahdi’s occultation?
Concise answer

Our duties during the Imam’s occultation are very much the same duties we have during his presence. One could briefly say that the greatest duty of the Shias during this period is to await Faraj and Imam Mahdi’s government. Awaiting Faraj means to carry out all commands of the Quran, the prophet and his household.

Detailed Answer

Our duties during the Imam’s occultation are very much the same duties we have during his presence. Even though we can not see the Imam, he watches us and oversees our acts and conduct. Therefore, all of the commands that are mentioned in the Quran and the words of the prophet and his household in regard to a believer must carried out during the Imam’s occultation. One could briefly say that the greatest duty of the Shias during this period is to await Faraj and Imam Mahdi’s government. However, knowing that awaiting Faraj is not solely a ... but rather a culture that consists of a series of duties and responsibilities that must be assumed by the believer to make him a true awaiter for his master, we will mention some of these duties:

1- Learning and gaining knowledge about religion in terms of Aghaed, Ahkam, Akhlagh. He must enhance his Islamic mindset and improve his spiritual status and belief.

2- Doing research in order to learn more about Imam Mahdi.

3- Utterly following the Quran and the Ahlul-Beit as the closest individuals to the prophet and the most learned individuals in regard to the truths of religion.

4- Obeying the representatives of the Imam e.i. the Maraj’i, especially the Waliy Faqih.()

5- Having unity with other Muslims, especially other true awaiters of the Imam.

6- Gaining the ability to teach people about religion, answer Shubahat and oppose superstitions and deviating movements.

7- Having hope and belief in the Imam’s revolution and giving hope to others about all difficulties and problems being resolved.

8- Having Taqwa, knowing that ones is that presence of Allah, staying away from sins and eliminating the grounds of committing sins within the society.

9- Remembering the Imam during the day, knowing that he is aware of our acts and viewing him as a perfect role model.

10- Having a connection with the Imam through reciting supplications especially well known ones such as: Dua Nudbah, Ziyarat Ale Yasin, Dua Ahd, Dua Faraj and etc that have been advised to be recited by many of the Ulama.

11- Being patient about the bothering , denial and other difficulties and enjoining others to Haqq and Patience and utterly persevering in the face of the enemy.

12- Causing love of the Imam in the hearts of others by mentioning Ahadith, virtues and miracles that have been authentically established and explaining his love and mercy for people as a

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