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Last Updated: 2014/09/18
Summary of question
Is scratching or bruising the skin invalidates the Umrah? If so, does not Kaffara become obligatory?
If you unintentionally: scratch or do anything else that is forbidden whilst performing any kind of the hajj (minor or major hajj or any other hajj that may exist) rituals etc, does your hajj become void or does it remain valid but a penalty (kaffara) must be paid? If it remains valid but a penalty needs to be paid, how much is it?
Concise answer
One of the prohibitions of Ihram is for a pilgrim in a state of ihram, is to remove blood from his body, in any way, or to pluck hair from his body. Hence, if scratching or bruising the skin causes blood to come out or hair to be plucked from the body, Hajj will not be made void. However, when it comes to plucking the hair, the pilgrim must give, in charity, some food to the poor.[1] The kaffarah for bleeding, without a valid reason, is a sheep, as a measure of precaution.[2]
There is no objection to a pilgrim, in a state of ihram, scratching his head or body, if no hair falls off or blood oozes.  However, some other scholars have said that it would be makrooh to do so, if it is not necessary.[3]
[1] Vide: Mahmoodi, Muhammad Reza, Rituals of Umrah Mufradah (with annotation), p. 74, Qom, Mash'ar Publications, first edition, 1429; Of course, the atonement for plucking the hair from the armpit is one sheep; Ibid, p. 73.
[2] Grand religious authorities, Tabrizi, Saafi and Gulpaigani; Ibid, p 76; other religious authorities do not consider any kaffarah to become obligatory in this case.
[3] Ibid, p. 74, vide: footnote.
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