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Last Updated: 2006/09/19
Summary of question
If a woman is divorced and then remarries, then who would be her spouse in the hereafter?
If a woman gets married and then her husband dies and she remarries, and all three of them go to heaven then who will the woman be married to?
Concise answer

            For a man and a woman who were married to each other in this world, there a several theories regarding their situation in the next world; for example:


  1. The husband and the wife are both in heaven.

  2. The wife is in heaven and the husband in hell.

  3. The husband is in heaven and the wife in hell.

  4. The husband and the wife are both in hell.

  5. The husband and his past wives are all in heaven.

  6. The woman and her past husbands are all in heaven.



In the first instance, if they both choose to be with each other then they will reach each other; meaning that if the husband's place is higher and he chooses to be with his wife or if the wife's place is higher and she chooses to be with her husband then they will reach each other. There is also a narration from Imam Sadiq (P.B.U.H.) regarding this issue, where He states: "In Heaven, if a husband is higher than his wife and he chooses her, then the wife will become one of his spouses, and if the woman is higher and she chooses her husband then he will become her spouse."[1]

            In the second, third, and fourth instances, either one or both of the spouses are in hell, and consequently someone who is not in heaven can not be alongside their husband or wife in heaven. And in the sixth instance if we take into consideration this same hadith, then if a man were to have a higher place in heaven then he can choose all of his spouses.

            Fortunately we have narrations regarding the fifth instance, which is the question at hand. Umm Salmeh, the dear spouse of the prophet of Islam asked the prophet, "If a woman had several spouses in this world, and on judgment day they all go to heaven, which one of those men's spouse will the woman become?" the generous prophet (P.B.U.H.) stated, "Oh Umm Salmeh. Choose the best of them from the perspective of character and temperament. Select the individual who was best for his family, because good character brings about the good of this life and the hereafter."[2] Meaning that in this instance a woman can choose whichever one of the men she desires.

            And this hadith is enough to suffice as an answer to this question.

[1]Baharul Anwar, Beirut Copy, Vol.8, Pg.105

[2]Baharul Anwar, Beirut Copy, Vol.8, Pg.119

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