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Last Updated: 2006/11/11
Summary of question
Is it haram to work at a restaurant that sells alcohol or to work at an institute that funds Israel?
Are the following jobs haram?
1. A job where one works serving alcohol and haram meat to non-Muslims or Muslims.
2. A job where one works for a company that gives donations to Israel?
Concise answer

            The Supreme Leader's response to this question: Is it permissible to work at a factory that produces canned pork goods or at nightclubs or other corrupt establishments? And what is the ruling on the money earned from these types of jobs?

            He stated: "It is not permissible to engage in haram jobs such as; selling pork, alcohol, establishing or running a nightclub, bar, casino or any corrupt establishment, and the earnings from these types of jobs are haram and one does not become the [legal] owner of the wages paid for such jobs." [1]

            In response to the second instance, there is a question and answer from Hazrat Imam Khomeini (May Allah have mercy on his soul), which is as follows:

Question: Is it permissible for Muslims to work in Jewish institutions which donate money to help Israel, and if one does not know if the institution financially helps Israel then what is the ruling on working as a daily-paid employee?

Answer: Employment there is not permissible. Wages earned are haram, and if there is doubt then do not engage in working in such places.[2]

[1] Al-Mahshi Lil-Imam Khomeini (May Allah have mercy on his soul) Vol.2, Pg.956 "Answers to New Islamic Questions" Pg.239, Ques.1088, & Ques.1095, Pg.242 Ques.1096, Pg.243

[2]Al-Mahshi Lil-Imam Khomeini (May Allah have mercy on his soul) Vol.2, Pg.813

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