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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:قابلیت های عرفان)

قابلیت های عرفان

Random questions

  • How can we get to know God and rely on and truly love him?
    4656 Traditional
    The term “God” is one of the most general and simplest concepts that everyone, even atheists that deny His existence, definitely have some kind of perception of, although comprehending the true nature of his essence is out of our reach. The ways to knowing ...
  • Is it a sin to curse someone in one’s mind?
    9545 بدبینی و بدگمانی
    Sins are sometimes committed outwardly and other times they may have and inner and intellectual aspects. When a person tells a lie or backbites someone or commits such prohibitions, he is said to have committed a sin in the outside world but when he associates someone with ...
  • What is the tafsir (interpretation) of Surah At-Tin?
    12495 Exegesis
    In Sura At-Tin, God swears by four things whereupon He says that He created man in the best mould or stature. However, the same man [insane] who enjoys all the blessings and capacities is reduced to the lowest of the low. The only way out for him ...
  • What are the special fadhilat (prime) times of the five daily prayers?
    4971 Laws and Jurisprudence
    It is recommended that a person should offer the five daily prayers at their respective prescribed times. That is to say, each prayer should be offered at its special time of significance (fadhilat). It is not sufficient to observe as much a gap of ...
  • What are the fundamentals and principles of Islam?
    4934 Traditional
    Literally Islam means “submission” and the religion of Islam is called Islam because it seeks man’s submission to the will of God, the Lord of the worlds. Thus, Islam requires man to surrender himself to the One God and worship none other than Him. In ...
  • In which year was the revelation of the Quran completed?
    10998 Quranic Studies
    There are different reports about the last chapter and the last verse sent down upon the Prophet (pbuh). According to some reports, the last chapter which was revealed to the Prophet (pubh) was Chapter al-Nasr whereas some other reports consider Chapter al-Bara'ah (al-Tawbah) to be the last chapter. There ...
  • Did the imams ever do anything supernatural in order to prove their imamate?
    3918 Traditional
    “Miracles” in Islamic theological terms are acts that surpass normal limits that challenge others to do the same and are in accordance with the claims of the person performing them. What is meant by surpassing normal limits is that it seems contrary to the ...
  • Is it necessary to give the qadha of the prayers and fasts which a person missed at a time when he had lost his memory?
    3504 آغاز تکلیف
    Rule of Prayer If a patient does not have his senses in such a way that he cannot discern the prayer timing, the prayers which he has missed are not necessary to make up. That is, no qadha is obligatory in the given case but if he ...
  • What is the ruling on listening to modern revolutionary rap music?
    8538 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Hazrat Grand Ayatollah Khamenehie:Any type of mutrib[1] music which befits carouse gatherings is haram.  Hazrat Grand ...
  • What is the ruling regarding eating harām (forbidden) food?
    4507 Laws and Jurisprudence
    One who realizes after eating food that he has eaten a harām meal, in case there was no likelihood of the food being harām and there were signs indicating that it was halal, for example, he had received the food from a Muslim, such a ...