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Random questions

  • What is the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s fatwa on looking at non-mahrams?
    4714 Laws and Jurisprudence
    The Supreme Leader’s fatwa on looking at non-mahrams is the same as the late Imam Khomeini’s. Imam Khomeini says: “It is haram for men to look at the body of non-mahram women, regardless of whether it is with the intention of pleasure or not. Looking at the face and hands ...
  • What are the signs of Imam Zaman’s (as) dhuhur (reappearance) and which ones are reliable?
    8544 Traditional
    Asking about the “dhuhur” (reappearance) of Imam Zaman (as) and its signs is very good and desirable, yet one mustn’t get so caught up in this matter to the extent that he/she forgets about the true goal which is to prepare for and pave the way for his ...
  • What does it mean to do liwat?
    23675 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Liwat takes place when the glans is inserted into the anus of another man[1]; this sin is one of the greatest sins which the Quran introduces as the sin the people of Prophet Lut (pbuh) that brought about their punishment and annihilation from God.[2] ...
  • What does it mean to say that divine attributes are the same as the essence?
    5333 پروردگار. نامها و ویژگی ها
    One of the important theological, mystical, exegetical and philosophical discussions revolves around unity of attribute and the essence or name and the named. Since the point of dispute is not completely clear, often inconclusive and fruitless disputes and debates have taken place over this issue. Those who, ...
  • Can Satan and angels know our thoughts or only Allah knows them?
    9823 فرشتگان
    Knowledge of the unseen is prerogative of God. None other than God has knowledge of the unseen independently of God. However, every existent that has been allowed by God to have knowledge of the unseen can read our mind and can see the unseen. In other words, ...
  • What is Nafaqah?
    9115 گوناگون
    ‘Nafaqah’ is a jurisprudential term used for women, kin (relatives) and property. It is predominantly used for women/wives and denotes the financial support that is obligatory upon men (when certain conditions are met) to provide for their spouses.[1] The Nafaqah usually covers the wife’s ...
  • What is the ruling on shaving the beard and body hair?
    12510 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Only shaving or trimming facial hair (beard)[1] with shaving machines in a way that people say there is no beard anymore, is impermissible based on obligatory precaution.[2] Also, shaving a portion of the beard has the same ruling as ...
  • Why did Islam expand and spread in Asia more than it did in Europe?
    9242 Traditional
    Islam emerged in Asia and it spread across the Arab world and Asia. There are multiple factors behind the fact that Islam did not spread in Europe. Those factors include the internal discord and conflicts among Muslims themselves and their failure to introduce the true and beautiful image of ...
  • What does the phrase "المجاز قنطرة الحقیقة" refer to? Please explain Islam’s standpoint on “metaphoric love”.
    6400 Practical
    1. Islamic scholars believe that there is no more than one true love in this world and that being the love for God, the other types of love are considered to be metaphoric, unreal and illusory love. Moreover the term “love” is only fit for God, and attachment ...