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  • Can anyone other than the fourteen infallibles be khalifatullah?
    3871 Traditional 2010/11/22
    Before engaging in exactly who the examples of khalifatullah are, it is necessary to define the khalifatullah and what his/her characteristics are:In addition to their literal definitions, the terms vicegerency and representation and khilafah carry and entail this meaning: that they are actually the manifestation of the one ...
  • I would like to know the methods of religious thought.
    5051 Traditional 2006/07/15
    There are three methods of religious thought in Islam. The Holy Quran in its teachings points to three paths for Muslims to follow in order to comprehend the purposes of religion and the Islamic sciences: (1) the path of the external and formal aspect of religion (the ...
  • Is seeing God with the heart what is meant by seeing God with discerning insight?
    3386 Practical 2012/05/21
    Seeing God with our discerning insight, which has been mentioned in Imam Ali’s (A.S.) words falls under the theological discussion of seeing God. According to the sound assessment regarding this topic, seeing Him with the physical eye, which is a completely distinguished matter from divine intuition, is ...
  • Were the heavens and the earth created in six days or eight days?
    3895 Quranic Studies 2011/05/14
    God, the Glorified, has used the word 'qaddara' (measure) for sustenance and the term 'khalaqa' (created) for the heavens and the earth. That is, within these four days, sustenance needed for life on earth was measured, not created. With this explanation the confusion concerning the creation of ...
  • Is it permissible to eat chips containing porcine enzymes?
    2792 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/01/19
    The grand maraji’ responded to this inquiry like this:The office of the grand Ayatullah Khamenei:In the case of the question it isn't permissible.The office of the grand Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi:It isn’t permissible.The office of the grand Ayatullah Safi Golpaygani:If ...
  • What is the way to become free from fornication and how is one supposed to repent from it?
    3495 Theoretical 2009/10/22
    The best way to be freed of sin is to get rid of ignorance and unawareness. If we continuously remember the greatness and magnanimousness of Allah (swt) and the never-ending blessings He has bestowed upon us and His other servants, we ...
  • What is the definition of "Muslim" according to the Quran?
    61683 Exegesis 2010/04/06
    According to the Quran a Muslim is one who has absolutely surrendered to Allah and his commands and believes in pure Tawhid (the oneness of God) that isn't tainted with any Shirk and this is why the Almighty has introduced Prophet Abraham as a true ...
  • Which one of the holy Imams (AS) recited Dua Faraj?
    561 Contextual study 2017/05/20
    The term “faraj” means remedy or improvement or relief from grief and sorrow. [1] The hadith books which include this term and also duas and deeds (a’amāl) have referred to the same meaning. We suffice to mentioning a few examples of duas which have ...
  • What is the interpretation and reward of reciting chapter al-Fil of the Holy Quran?
    2644 Exegesis 2014/08/23
    The Prophet of Islam (S) and Muslims in Mecca were an absolute minority and pagans would pressurize them because of their beliefs. In many verses of the Holy Quran, God Almighty has supported the Holy Prophet (S) and Muslims and has warned pagans for their actions. The ...
  • Where are the cities of Jabalqa and Jabarsa located?
    5958 تاريخ بزرگان 2010/05/26
    The names of these two cities haven't been related in any of the authentic Shia sources (Kafi, Tahzib, Man La Yahdhuruhul-Faqih, Istibsar), but from the other sources that they have been mentioned in, assuming the reliability of these hadiths, it can be concluded that these two cities are ...