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  • What educational system is followed in Iranian Howzah schools?
    3582 History of Fiqh 2011/11/21
    Today education in Iranian Howzah schools starts when students attend these schools after finishing middle school or high school (and achieving a diploma). During their educational career they pass the different levels of studies including mughaddamati (Introductory studies) which consists of Arabic syntax and grammar, ma’ani, bayan, logic, ...
  • Why didn't the Prophet and his household write their own hadith books?
    3920 Science of narrators 2010/07/21
    Due to the will of Allah the Prophet of Islam never received an education, never read a book and never wrote one, and it is clear why Allah wanted the prophet to remain like that. The prophet's everlasting miracle was a book named the Quran and bringing a ...
  • What is the principle of no domination over Muslims?
    1046 مبانی فقهی و اصولی 2017/01/24
    The concept of the principle of no domination over Muslims [nafy sabil] is that God, the Glorified, has legislated such rule in the Islamic Shari’ah that prevents non-Muslims from getting hegemony and control over Muslims’ fate and affairs. There is no rule in Islam to allow them ...
  • Was the Prophet of Islam (S) a prophet at birth?
    195 وحی، نبوت و عصمت 2018/10/22
    The prophethood of the Prophet of Islam (S) can be considered as having two aspects: 1. The first aspect of prophethood is tantamount to prophetic mission and the beginning of a procedure which involved promulgation and propagation of the religion as well as the establishment of the ...
  • What does it mean to say that God's will attaches to punishing human beings or having mercy on them?
    3689 Exegesis 2011/09/17
    There are some verses in the Quran according to which God's will has been introduced as the cause of dignity, misery, sustenance, forgiveness, punishment and reward of the servants. According to some other verses, guidance, glory, prosperity, sustenance and provision are earned through hard work and ...
  • Why are Iranian ceremonies for holidays and for mourning different from Muslim and Shi’a ones?
    3852 Traditional 2012/03/08
    Even though ceremonies that are held for religious occasions must be in accordance with the general guidelines of Islam, but in regard to the details about which Islam has not mentioned guidelines, the ceremonies should be carried out accordanceing to the dominant culture of people and their ...
  • What is the ruling on transacting and interacting with the Baha’is?
    2764 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/02/15
    The office of the Grand Ayatullah Khamenei (may Allah prolong his life):A1) All followers of the misguided and deviated Baha’i faith are najis and all transacting and interaction with them must be refrained from.A2) It is not problematic per se.A3) It suffices and there is ...
  • How can we be assured of the issuance of hadiths from the infallible imams?
    4991 Science of narrators 2011/11/21
    One’s trust in history can to an extent be attained through the clues, evidence, proof and fame that have been passed down generation after generation and from era to era. The clues and evidence for certain incidents in history are so many that hardly anyone can doubt in ...
  • What does it mean to choose one’s death from the perspective of the Holy Quran and traditions?
    7863 Practical 2010/05/27
    It is possible to say that the original source of the term ‘death by choice’ or ‘voluntary death’, which is used in Islamic Irfan (gnosis), first came up in this tradition from the Holy Prophet (s) where he said: "موتوا قبل ان تموتوا"[i], ...
  • Why do Shias believe in the Imams and their Imamate?
    23629 Traditional 2010/04/08
    I believe that you are asking how we can find out if someone is really an Imam or not. However, before answering this question, we should first understand why we need to believe in the concept of Imamate.Imamate is an important issue in Islam, and it is the last ...