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  • Please give a brief description of features of Barqi's al-Mahasen and the hadith which bears Khidhr's testimony to the leadership of the Imams (A.S)?
    4739 امامت در سنت 2014/06/01
    Khalid bin Ahmad al-Barqi has reported a narration in his al-Mahasen almost with the same chain of transmission mentioned in the question. Great scholars like Sheikh Kulayni, Saduq and Nu'mani have reported this narration from al-Barqi. However, there is a slight difference between the narration they have ...
  • Has the Quran mentioned anything about Khidhr?
    6546 تاريخ بزرگان 2008/09/03
    The Quran hasn’t clearly mentioned the name of Khidhr, yet he has been referred to as “One of Our servants whom We had granted a grace from Ourselves, and taught him a knowledge from Our own”[i] (which indicates his ...
  • What kind of a book is "Mikyalul Makarim"?
    2055 تألیفات شیعی 2014/01/20
    The book "Mikyalul Makarim fi Fawaed al-Dua Lil-Qaem" as the title of the book reads, has been authored regarding Mahdi, the Imam of Time (atf). This is one of the books written in Arabic in the fourth hegira century.[1] The book Mikyalul Makarim consists ...
  • What is the rule of using mouth-washers which usually contain some alcohol?
    2954 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/10/07
    The alcohol which is not determined whether or not it is originally an intoxicant[1] or not, is spiritually clean and selling, buying and using the liquids that are mixed with them dose not have problem.
  • Is ‘Apprehension’ a quality that can be attributed to God?
    2802 Traditional 2012/04/17
    Taking into consideration the verse “لا تُدْرِكُهُ الْأَبْصارُ وَ هُوَ يُدْرِكُ الْأَبْصارَ وَ هُوَ اللَّطيفُ الْخَبيرُ”[1], Mudrik (being apprehensive) is one of God’s names.[2] In the Quran and traditions, this attribute (Mudrik)[3] has been mentioned explicitly, thus ...
  • Was Eve created from the ribs of Prophet Adam and doesn't this contradict what the Quran says in this regard?
    8562 Traditional 2010/09/04
    There are some Ahadith regarding this issue in Sunni books and some Shia hadith records and one may say that at first sight, Quranic verses have also addressed this subject, but we cannot come to a conclusion about this issue directly from ...
  • Which heaven was the heaven in which Prophet Adam resided?
    8597 Modern 2010/03/13
    There are different viewpoints regarding this matter amongst Quranic commentators:A number of them believe that Prophet Adam's heaven was simply a beautiful and thriving garden on earth.Some, unlike the first group perceive that it was in the seventh heaven, the reason being that it is said ...
  • What is your opinion about meditation of the Yoga-Zen variety?
    5669 Practical 2010/11/21
    Supporters of this method say that the exercise of meditation takes one to a phenomenal place of ideas and thoughts, which have many various purposes and benefits. These benefits include a more wholesome life, a peaceful state of mind, and ...
  • What is meant by the Makr of Allah that has been mentioned in the Quran?
    7643 Exegesis 2011/04/20
    “Makr” means to devise for good or evil and this is why it is described by the word “السَّیئ” (bad/evil) in the Quran.Allah’s Makr: The many verses that attribute “Makr” to Allah refer to his supreme direction and regulation of matters.  Since he is the ...
  • I would like to know the methods of religious thought.
    5147 Traditional 2006/07/15
    There are three methods of religious thought in Islam. The Holy Quran in its teachings points to three paths for Muslims to follow in order to comprehend the purposes of religion and the Islamic sciences: (1) the path of the external and formal aspect of religion (the ...