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  • Did the Imams battle for power and did they want a hereditary form of government?
    3444 Traditional 2011/11/09
    Firstly, the seerah (biography) of the Imams shows that the Imams did not struggle for power nor did they have a craving for power. If at times they were defending their rights, it was because they believed it was their obligation to do so.This saying of Imam ...
  • What is the Islamic law regarding anal intercourse? Is there any objection in it?
    8015 موارد غیر متعارف 2012/08/07
    Since different jurists have different verdicts in this regard, you should act according to the fatwa (verdict) of the Mujtahid (jurist) whom you follow. For your information, we will now mention the verdicts of some of the religious authorities (jurists) as follows. 1) Some of ...
  • What is the station of intercession on the Day of Resurrection?
    3785 Traditional 2011/11/03
    " Shafa'ah" (intercession) is derived from "shaf'" which means "even" as opposed to odd - the interceder adds his own recommendation to the plea of the petitioner; in this way the number of pleaders becomes even, and the weak plea of the petitioner is strengthened by the prestige ...
  • How is the communication of spirits with people on earth?
    5001 Traditional 2011/10/29
    The Possibility of Communicating with the SpiritsIt is said that one way to obtain information from other worlds is to make contact with spirits.Take note of the following in this ...
  • Is there any tradition (hadith) regarding octopus?
    2781 دیگر آبزیان 2014/08/04
    We haven’t found any tradition in which using octopus as food be considered impermissible. However, we can infer this forbidden from other traditions (ahadith) in which the main rules have been stated in this regards. This means, any types of marine animals which haven’t scale are being ...
  • Will there be a new life in the world after the Day of Judgment?
    8007 Traditional 2011/12/26
    It is gathered from the evidences and proofs in the verses of the Quran that the Day of Judgment is in fact not the continuation of this world. This world shall turn into a mess completely because great explosions and horrific quakes will destroy everything. Thereupon, the world will emerge ...
  • What do the terms “Hukm” and “Fatwa” signify? What is the difference between the two?
    4709 بیشتر بدانیم 2011/08/10
    A fatwa is a universally applicable religious law concerning a particular issue that is derived from the four sources of Islamic law (the Qur`an, the sunnah, ijma’ (consensus), and ‘aql (the intellect)) using the methodology of ijtihad (juristic interpretation).A hukm ...
  • Why do Jewish people read their book in Hebrew?
    2750 Traditional 2012/02/14
    God is a metaphysical being who cannot be analyzed with physical standards, nonetheless, He has used physical means understandable to man to take care of this world’s affairs. One of these affairs is guiding the people to salvation. God has shown the path of salvation ...
  • I cannot marry now because the circumstances are not ready. What should I do to avoid falling into a sin?
    2747 Practical 2011/11/12
    Dear User, As you know one of the aims of marriage is to gratify the sexual needs and instincts and there are other purposes also for marriage which have been enumerated and explained in their appropriate places.
  • How can supernatural acts be explained and proven?
    5793 Quranic Studies 2012/04/21
    “Miracles” in Islamic theological terms are acts that surpass normal limits that challenge others to do the same and are in accordance with the claims of the person performing them. What is meant by surpassing normal limits is that it seems contrary to the laws of nature.