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  • Why is it not permissible for girls to shape their eyebrows?
    2927 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/02/08
    The ruling of the grand jurists about girls removing or shaping their eyebrows is as follows:All grand jurists: There is no problem in it per se (although it is not befitting of girls to do so), and in case they shape their eyebrows, they should cover ...
  • Is pretending considered to be a kind of lying?
    2322 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/10/30
    Office of Grand Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah grant him long life): Lying is a deliberate act of expressing an untruth as truth. If your action is not as such, it is not haram. An answer given to the question by Ayatollah ...
  • Should the remembrance of Allah (awj) evoke fear or love?
    4560 Practical 2011/08/15
    The co-existence of fear and hope, and in some cases love, in respect to Allah (awj), should not be a source of confusion as this phenomenon permeates all relationships of love to varying degrees. However, because of its over-conspicuousness, we are blind to it. It must be noted ...
  • Who are the Ahlul-Bayt that have been spoken of from the Sunni viewpoint?
    3957 Traditional 2010/03/11
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • What is the best mustahabb act a Muslim can do?
    3018 Practical 2009/07/19
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  • Which of the two versions of Hadith Thaqalayn are more authentic?
    3482 نبوت و امامت از خاندانی پاک 2015/06/18
    The text of the report transmitted by Ahl-e Sunnah in Sahih Muslim, Sahih Timidhi and Musnad of Ahmad bin Hanbal is as such: "The Book of Allah and my progeny ('itrah)" This is the famous version of the tradition found in their books. However, there is another ...
  • What is the meaning of being infallible?
    4212 Traditional 2008/05/11
    Allamah Tabatabai states: "Infallibility" means the presence of a quality in the infallible person that protects him or her from doing what is not permissible (e.g. sin or error)".[1] It should be noted that from his viewpoint God's prophets (and all of the ...
  • Isn’t it self-pride for scholars to introduce themselves as ayatullahs or hujjatul-Islams?
    2676 Practical 2009/08/29
    Humility is a very praiseworthy virtue that helps a person develop spiritually. On the other hand, arrogance and self-pride are exactly the opposite. Self-pride means for one to show him/herself to others higher and greater than what he/she actually is. Therefore, if one introduces him/herself as he/she really ...
  • What is the interpretation and reward of reciting chapter al-Fil of the Holy Quran?
    2870 Exegesis 2014/08/23
    The Prophet of Islam (S) and Muslims in Mecca were an absolute minority and pagans would pressurize them because of their beliefs. In many verses of the Holy Quran, God Almighty has supported the Holy Prophet (S) and Muslims and has warned pagans for their actions. The ...
  • Did the Imams have knowledge of the unseen?
    4856 Traditional 2011/11/21
    According to Quranic teachings, complete knowledge of the unseen only belongs to Allah, and it is Him that knows everything about this world. Some of Allah’s special servants are informed of secrets and knowledge and other impalpable things, they see the unseen and hear what cannot be heard ...