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  • What is the philosophy of Ghusl (ceremonial washing)?
    3906 بیشتر بدانیم 2014/06/22
    The reason which is behind the Jinabat Ghusl is to clean and purify our soul from its pollution and purify our body from the impurity. This means, if we want to remove the Jinabat from our body we have to purify all parts of our body. According ...
  • How was the Holy Quran compiled?
    9185 Quranic Studies 2012/04/21
    According to the history of the compilation of the Quran, the Prophet (s) himself chose the verses where to be placed. It was not the companions who arranged the verses or the number of the chapters. The Quran, which is presently in our hands and which is ...
  • Are there any women who reached the rank of ijtihad in religious seminaries?
    4349 تاريخ بزرگان 2007/11/04
    A worthy interaction of Islam with science, and requiring that from every Muslim man and woman, has resulted in women always studying the sciences in Islamic communities and finally some of them reached the rank of ijtihad.As an example, lady Mujtahideh Amin who passed away in 1403h. Lady Mujtahideh ...
  • Is the repentance of a person who has committed sodomy accepted?
    6336 Practical 2011/05/08
    From the Islamic viewpoint, sodomy is a very inferior and ugly act and is one of the great sins for which heavy punishments have been determined, namely execution.[1]What various verses of the Quran tell us is that no matter how great and numerous one’s sins ...
  • What is sex change?
    4444 احکام تغییر جنسیت 2012/08/23
    Although dictionaries do not provide a definition for "sex change", it means any change and transformation in a male, female or genderless in such a way that the current state is different from the previous one. Medically speaking, sex change is different from "genetic modification" ...
  • What is the theological basis of Mahdiism?
    3458 Traditional 2008/10/22
    The necessity of Allah’s (swt) grace, the existence of a khalifatullah and vicegerent of Allah (swt) and his protection from any calamities and bad incidents can be counted as a portion of the theological basis of Mahdiism. ...
  • Why does Allah hate divorce so much?
    7886 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2012/02/15
    Considering the antithesis between divorce and marriage, in order to learn of the reason why Allah hates divorce so much, we must first see why marriage bears so much significance in His eyes.[1]In the Quran, the creation of people in pairs has ...
  • What is the meaning of abjad letters, especially in relation to Imam Ali?
    17649 2012/05/21
    The abjad letters are the alphabet (الف ب ت...), which have been systemized based on a specific order, meaning: abjad, hūz, ḥatī, kalamn, sa'afṣ, qarasht, thakhdh, ḍaẓgh. A number has been assigned for every one of these letters, in following order:
  • Are the sciences of Alchemy, Limiya, Himiya, and Simiya accepted in the religion?
    10630 Philosophy of Science 2011/04/20
    ·         Kimiya: A science by which one can transform certain metals and minerals into other things.·         Limiya: A ...
  • What are the problems with the Maliki and Hanafi sects?
    6031 Traditional 2007/10/07
    It must be made clear if your love for Shiaism is only love or is it backed up with strong reasoning? In the case that your love is based on proofs and reasoning the weakness and insufficiency of other sects would automatically become clear.The main difference between Shiaism and ...