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  • What is the meaning of the tradition attributed to Abu Basīr which mentions seeing God before the Day of Judgment?
    3016 Theoretical 2012/04/14
    There is no way to see God for He is all encompassing and cannot be encompassed. Nonetheless, in a manifestational sense, He can be seen in every single being, as the Quran has mentioned the following in this regard: “To whichever direction you turn, there is the ...
  • Is it is also abominable to recite true poems on Fridays and the night preceding Friday?
    617 گوناگون 2017/01/24
    Poetry is popular with different nations and people especially the Arabs. Islam approves of the culture of poetry but at the same time it warns people about wasting their time or even misleading others by composing vulgar or false poems. Islam wants every individual who is capable ...
  • Is there a difference between an Islamic government and the Islamic Republic that Imam Khomeini established?
    2793 System 2011/06/14
    There is no considerable difference between an Islamic government and the Islamic Republic in essence, the only thing is that the term ‘Islamic government’ is descriptive of a form of government whose different systems and policies, namely political, legal and economical, all originate from Islamic sources and teachings. ...
  • When we do dua, is it true that we should not look up but into our hands?
    4909 Practical 2010/08/01
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • What is the principle of no domination over Muslims?
    725 مبانی فقهی و اصولی 2017/01/24
    The concept of the principle of no domination over Muslims [nafy sabil] is that God, the Glorified, has legislated such rule in the Islamic Shari’ah that prevents non-Muslims from getting hegemony and control over Muslims’ fate and affairs. There is no rule in Islam to allow them ...
  • How would it be possible to explain unity of being in simple words?
    3102 وحدت وجود 2013/02/02
    Wahdatul Wujûd means to believe that all the entities (things present around us) are an indication of Allah’s presence and to believe that everything besides Allah is subjective or just shadows and epiphany of the Truth. Conclusively there is no multiplicity in God, the Real Wujûd as ...
  • What is your opinion regarding Darwin\'s evolution theory?
    2839 آفرینش انسان و جهان 2015/09/14
    There are two theories among biologists regarding the creation of living beings including plants and animals. A) Transformism: The doctrine that living organisms have evolved from previously existing forms of unicellular beings that existed in oceans or in the mud deep underwater. This change is also called ...
  • What is the ruling on eating the cheese contains rennet?
    3564 گوناگون 2014/04/20
    What the rennet is a substance or strong material we add it to milk in order to make cheese. This material seemingly prepares with the two methods that are as under: 1. via vegetarian mushroom. 2. via the material that exist in animal stomach. Thus, if the ...
  • How do plants and inanimate objects glorify God, the Exalted?
    13916 بندگی و تسبیح 2012/10/15
    Man's knowledge about creatures of the world is truly restricted and unmentionable. How Dif y restricted and unmentionable. nanimate objects testiory? different creatures glorify God is still unknown to humans. In several Quranic verses and in traditions it has been stated that all parts ...
  • Why do Shias curse the Sahabah and khalifahs?
    6635 Traditional 2008/05/11
    One of the accusations that Shias have always faced from those who oppose them is that they have a hidden enmity towards the Prophet’s companions (Sahaba). However, this accusation is false because the Shia consider the Sahaba as the primary bearers, conveyers, and promoters of Islam. The holy Quran says: ...