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  • Is the repentance of a person who has committed sodomy accepted?
    5827 Practical 2011/05/08
    From the Islamic viewpoint, sodomy is a very inferior and ugly act and is one of the great sins for which heavy punishments have been determined, namely execution.[1]What various verses of the Quran tell us is that no matter how great and numerous one’s sins ...
  • What is religion?
    5585 Philosophy of Religion 2008/10/12
    Many different viewpoints and details have been presented regarding the explanation of religion by Westerners. In the holy Quran, the word “din” (religion) has been used for two meanings: 1- Any type of belief in an unseen power, regardless of whether such a belief is right or not: ...
  • Before the Islamic Revolution who was the Wali Faqih?
    3781 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/09/06
    The concept of Welayat al Faqih (Authority and Governance of the Jurist) is a long known, well-established and original one in Shiite ideology. With the start of the major occultation in the year 326 hijri great scholars, i.e. Sheikh Saduq (381 H.), Sheikh Mofid (413 ...
  • Why do we ascribe evil to God accidentally?
    3664 Islamic Philosophy 2012/04/21
    What is considered as evil does not exist in the realm of abstract beings; this discussion has to do only with the material world. Good and evil have been defined in this manner: Good is that which one’s nature desires and what one chooses from amongst several ...
  • I married a woman from Ahlul Kitab thinking she will practice Islam and I have 1 child with her, if she refuses to practice Islam can I divorce her?
    3591 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/05/26
    The verdict of the honorable maraje’ regarding permanent marriage with women of the People of the Book (Ahlul Kitab) has been mentioned in Question 7850 (site: )
  • Please let me how to get rid of masturbation?
    3744 ترک لذت 2015/01/05
    Sin is like a foul-smelling swamp full of sewage; the more one sinks into it, the less he senses its smell, because he actually loses his sense of smell and can't tell that he is drowning anymore. At the same time, anytime one makes a strong decision ...
  • when a Muslim woman is about to marry someone who has moral issues, can other people who have information about this person let this woman know?
    2932 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/01/04
    Grand Ayatollah Khamenei’s responseInforming the lady is not necessary; canonically, the execution of the aforementioned tests are, also, not necessary.Grand Ayatollah Makarim’s response
  • When does the history of the holy shrine of Lady Ma’sumah start from?
    3696 history of places 2012/03/14
    Lady Ma’sumah is the noble daughter of the seventh imam of the Shi’ah, Imam Musa Kaadhim (AS). Her respectful mother is Najmeh Khaatun (AS). She was born on first day of the month of Zee al-Qa'adah in the year 173 A.H./789 A.D., in the holy city of ...
  • 4092 فنا 2012/11/01
    Annihilation is defined as "total destruction" or "complete obliteration" of an object. It is the opposite of permanence, subsistence and continuance. To explain further, God is from the category of permanence and continuance and other existents are from the category of non-existence and annihilation. Technically, ...
  • What is the Shari'ah law concerning marriage with a Sunni girl?
    3271 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/12/23
    According to Islam, marriage is the basic institution which aims at establishing the family, the primary unit of society. It is desirable and recommended by itself but if a person is in need of marriage and is afraid that he may fall into haram, then marriage becomes ...