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  • Is it permissible to steal from internet websites?
    2753 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/02/15
    Since you want the Islamic law about the question in your email, we deemed it necessary to forward the same question to the offices of some of the living prominent jurists. The answers which we have received from them are as under:Office of Grand Ayatollah Sistani (may ...
  • What are the different dimensions of Lady Fatimah’s (as) character?
    4226 The infallibles 2008/09/21
    The dimensions of Lady Fatimah’s (as) character are very vast and can only be understood through deep and profound thought and study. Reading and researching about her spirituality, knowledge and political struggles and the other aspects of her life, will help us in reaching our goal.
  • What are the outcomes and consequent rulings of liwat?
    4898 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/12/21
    The ugly act of liwat is one of the greatest sins which the Quran introduces as the sin the people of Prophet Lut (pbuh) that brought about their punishment and annihilation from God.[1] This sin entails two types of outcomes; one is taklifi (has to ...
  • Is it true that when the Dajjal appears, all his followers are lovers of Uthman?
    4003 Traditional 2009/07/19
    After analyzing Shia and Sunni sources, one comes to the conclusion that such a hadith with the following wordage: “إن خرج الدجال تبعه من کان یحب عثمان” has only been narrated by Zayd ibn Wahab in the rijali book Mizanul-I’tidal. Although this narrator is considered a ...
  • Can you please tell me how long it takes to study kharij lessons in Islamic seminaries?
    3342 Laws and Jurisprudence 2008/07/22
    This is the current curriculum that the Howzah follows:1- The introductory level or Level 1 of the Howzah which takes six years to complete. The first three years are usually spent for studying Arabic literature and other lessons, and the next three years are spent for studying general ...
  • What are the political thoughts of Imam Khomeini?
    6391 اندیشه های امام خمینی (ره) 2012/05/12
    The political thoughts of Imam Khomeini (blessed be his soul) are a part of his macro ideas being influenced by different aspects of his thought. Given the fact that Imam Khomeini is a multi-dimensional personality who authored numerous works in mysticism, jurisprudence, philosophy, theology and politics and ...
  • Why is polygamy permissible for men in Islam, yet impermissible for women?
    4665 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2008/09/18
    Before Islam, polygamy was considered normal and lacked any rules or limitations. As one of man’s essential needs, Islam has limited it, giving it specific conditions and terms. Islamic laws are all based on true needs and the benefit of society as a whole. The following needs are ...
  • What is the legal and religious position, if we, for promotion of tourism, let non-Muslims free to commit prohibited acts?
    2670 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/11/29
    Tourism is an increasingly popular economic development strategy in many countries. Although the revenue earned through tourism industry can be more than the oil and natural resources revenue in some countries, many economic activities which are allowed by non-religious economic schools are prohibited in Islam due to ...
  • Can the soul, after death, become aware of the things that happen in this world?
    8465 Traditional 2009/11/24
    It has been narrarated from the Holy Infallibles (Masumeen) that after death, the soul can in fact come back to this world and have awareness of the events that unfold here and learn of their relatives and close ones. The angels can also act as ...
  • Is it possible to clean the private parts using tissue paper?
    5982 گوناگون 2013/01/20
    It is permissible to use toilet paper to clean only the anus from faeces.[1] The urinary organ cannot be made ritually pure without water.[2] In places where you do not have access to water, you can use toilet paper ...