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Random questions

  • Does asking about Islamic rulings require any expertise?
    4632 Practical
    The knowing and learning of Islamic rulings and teachings is classified into different degrees and categories depending on its depth and how substantial it is:1- A simple and minimal understanding and familiarity; like learning Islamic rulings and traditions and its practical, ...
  • Is it permissible for a woman to dance in a wedding?
    6127 Laws and Jurisprudence
    There is no doubt that it is forbidden for a woman to dance for men.[1] As for a woman's dancing for women in parties or weddings which are not likely to be frequented by men, the opinions of the grand jurists are as ...
  • What duties does a child have when it comes to parents?
    7150 Practical
    The importance of fulfilling the rights of parents (father and mother) has been recognized by the Quran to be so high that in several verses, it has been demanded immediately after forbidding shirk (polytheism) and has been known as one of the most virtuous acts in the ahadith. ...
  • What is the basic difference between spirituality in Islam and spirituality in Christianity?
    20190 قابلیت های عرفان
    The value and credibility of spirituality in every religion are connected directly to genuineness and validity of that religion itself. The religious sources of Christianity present such doctrines that are opposed to reason in such a stark way that even Christians themselves acknowledge not to mention the ...
  • Is it possible to sleep in heaven?
    8787 Traditional
    Sleep is the body’s natural response to fatigue and tiredness, and as the Quran directly says, we know that those who enter paradise never become tired. It is because of this that our hadiths tell us that those in paradise never experience any of the entailments of the ...
  • What is the correct, healthy and sin-free relationship between a boy and a girl?
    6898 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to Islam, man and woman are complementary to each other. Each sex is incomplete without the other. God, the Sublime, has created these two to be a source of peace and tranquility for each other. In a sense, human nature is complete only in the two together. Their emotional, ...
  • What are the benefits of having an "absent" imam in occultation?
    5971 Traditional
    Although the existence of an infallible imam entails many benefits, but an imam in occultation also has its own numerous benefits which can be summed up in the following:1- Being the mediator between us and Allah's (swt) divine grace2- The people making use of his existence3- Aid and ...
  • What are the “Arsh” and “Kursiyy”?
    11998 Exegesis
    With help from other Quranic verses and traditions of the imams, commentators of the Quran have presented several possible meanings for these terms. Some say the two are metaphorically referring to the same thing, which is the rank of Allah's (swt) command and governing of this world’s affairs.
  • Is Zoroastrianism a divine faith?
    7997 Traditional
    Based on the hymns of Gatha, the actual nature of Zoroaster is divine, nevertheless, Avesta’s famous teachings show signs of polytheism, making it an undivine faith. These signs have actually been innovated by later Zoroastrians known as the Manis into the faith. Though it is a religion bearing ...
  • If there are levels for heaven, are there levels for hell?
    7380 Traditional
    What is understood from Quranic verses and the ahadith is that, similar to heaven,[1] hell has different levels, and sinners will be put into these levels depending on the number and type of their sins. In a hadith from Imam Baqir about ...