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پیامبران اولواالعزم

Random questions

  • Why do prayers have to be performed in five specific times?
    4955 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    Although all Islamic laws are a result of the benefits or disadvantages and harms that back them, and they all have a particular reason behind each and every one of them, discovering the exact reason in detail for every one of them and knowing that this is all ...
  • When did Shiite jurisprudence and marja\'eyyah begin?
    2089 اجتهاد و مرجعیت در اسلام
    The necessity of taqlid is the result of a rational conclusion based on the need for divine guidance, through the Qur'an and the traditions. Thus, taqlid has its jurisprudential evidence in addition to reason which also admits that a person who is ignorant of religious rules should ...
  • What is the Islamic law about overpowering jinn, spirits and devils?
    8434 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Getting help from the spirits, jinns and devils and scientific and practical communication with them are said to be magic in the etymological and jurisprudential technical terms.[i] According to Quranic, jurisprudential and traditional evidence, sorcery or magic is not in the interest of a ...
  • Is God subjugated to natural laws?
    3975 Traditional
    Allah is the one who has set all natural laws, and the only thing He is under the influence of, is His own will. The one thing to keep in mind is that His will is that things take place through their natural causes. In addition to ...
  • Why do we have to follow only one marja’ and how is this matter proven through hadiths?
    8910 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    If you are sure that each of several marja’s are experts and more learned than others in a specific field, or at least equal in knowledge and understanding, then it is okay to follow more than one marja’. ...
  • What is the precise meaning of mockery? Do caricatures qualify as ridicule as well?
    7044 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Most philologists and interpreters of the Holy Quran consider istihza (ridicule) and tamaskhur (mock) to have the same meaning. The meaning of this term is to humiliate someone and bring their dignity and degree down, or to demean the value of foundational humanitarian and ...
  • If one has doubt about the marja he/she has chosen, what needs to be done?
    4207 Laws and Jurisprudence
    It is obligatory for one who has reached the age of obligation (“religious puberty” or “bulugh”) to choose the most learned marja and follow his fatwas or verdicts. There are only three ways one can identify the most learned of marjas:a) If one is certain that a particular ...
  • What does Islam mean?
    4974 Traditional
    Islam literally means to submit and surrender to another's will and in the Quran, it to one who is in total submission to Allah (swt) and is free from any form of shirk and polytheism. It is on these premises that the Quran refers to Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) ...
  • What is philosophy? Why is it bad?
    6418 Contextual study
    As for your question about the alleged hadith, we should say that we looked for it in our hadith collections but we did not find it. As for the definition of philosophy, it has been defined in a number of different ways, and in one ...
  • When we say Almighty Allah, does it account for all attributes or only for the power and might of Allah?
    4390 Traditional
    At the level of His essence, when we say He is the Almighty, it accounts for all of His attributes. That is, there is no difference which attribute we use to refer to His essence. On the other hand our minds have no understanding of God's attributes ...