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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:نبوت حضرت محمد(ص))

Random questions

  • What is the timing of fast, when does it start and when does it end?
    6295 Laws and Jurisprudence
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • What is the time frame in which Dua Ahd should be read in?
    5050 Contextual study
    It has been stated in traditions that whosoever recites this hadith for forty days in the morning, he/she will be one of the companions of Imam Zaman (a.s.) and …[1]. Conclusion: Dua Ahd needs to be read in the morning, and the best time ...
  • What are the effects of contentment on our lives and how do we distinguish it from stinginess?
    37274 Practical
    Contentment has been defined as a resting of the mind without craving something else. The word “qana’ah” which is the Arabic equivalent for contentment has been used to refer to satisfaction and happiness in an absolute and unrestricted way. As for the difference between contentment and stinginess, ...
  • Can I perform two Umrah pilgrimages in one month?
    4329 گوناگون
    Umrah is an act of worship which is performed usually either as Mufradah or Umrah of Tamattu'. These are names of two different pilgrimages performed on different occasions. It has been said by religious authorities and grand jurisprudents that it is recommended to repeat an umrah pilgrimage ...
  • What is an explanation of the Verdict (Hukm) of governance?
    4379 System
    The verdict of governance is a command from a ruler towards enacting a religious obligation. This explanation of the concept of the verdict of governance has not been mentioned in narrations; rather the jurisprudents have derived it from the traditions and their overall content (the difference of opinion lies ...
  • Is it true that some Muslim Gnostics can fly or levitate?
    8014 Practical
    That which you have mentioned is an effect and result of Man’s spiritual strength, sometimes this may come about by acting in accordance with religious laws and legitimate ascetic discipline. This means that; by moving closer to Allah, Man can possess the greatest name ...
  • Can you please list the different rulings regarding dogs and cats?
    8585 Laws and Jurisprudence
    First of all salams and thank you for referring to this website to get the answers to your questions.The first thing that must be noted is that being tamed and trained have no affect on the rulings regarding these animals. The ...
  • Why does God not heal the disease of the hypocrites but also adds to it or worsens it?
    2247 Exegesis
    Allah the Exalted has created the human beings with freewill and volition which means that human evolution (perfection) is gained through his free choice and will. Therefore if people like the hypocrites choose to go astray of their own free will, it would not be right on ...
  • What does Islam recommend for a man to be cleaned and well-dressed?
    6753 Practical
    Observing cleanliness is necessary everywhere and for all – men and women. One should always keep his body and clothes clean and tidy. He should wash his hands and face every morning, brush his teeth and comb his hair. Islam highly recommends observance of cleanliness and ...
  • What is the ruling regarding taking injections during Ramadhan?
    6321 Laws and Jurisprudence
    There is a difference of opinion amongst scholars regarding this issue. To get a more precise answer, you will have to specify your marja’. Nevertheless, we will list the opinions of different marja’s below:Ayatullahs Bahjat, Imam Khomeini and Khamenei: If an ...