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اسامی امامان

Random questions

  • Do prophets bear all virtues and perfection, or do they pass some stages in this world as well?
    3782 Modern 2009/09/03
    The infallibles, the prophets and imams, are all human just like everyone else, without any difference from this point of view and this is something that the Quran points to as well.Therefore, it isn't possible for them to be born into this world bearing all virtues and ...
  • Why shouldn’t women offer prayers and observe fast when they are in their menses?
    5692 بیشتر بدانیم 2012/08/15
    Although there is wisdom behind all divine laws, it is for the major part hidden to us. In fact, no divine law has been enacted or legislated without a rationale or reason but it remains concealed to us. It is not permissible for women to offer prayers ...
  • Do the descendants of the Prophet have to pay khums?
    3166 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/04/20
    If one acquires wealth through business or industry or any other means, in the case of the wealth exceeding his and his household’s yearly needs, he must then submit one fifth (khums) of the remaining wealth to a qualified mujtahid, or spend that amount in a way that ...
  • Why did Imam Ali (as) say nothing when Lady Fatimah (as) was bothered and offended?
    6223 History of Fiqh 2008/09/18
    There is no contradiction between Imam Ali (as) not defending Lady Fatimah (as) and her being offended and oppressed and between his courage and strength and being there when it all took place. The reason is that in such a situation, Imam Ali (as) had only two choices; ...
  • Why do we pray for the well-being of Imam Zaman?
    3283 Traditional 2010/11/22
    Praying for the well being of Imam Zaman (aj) is an Islamic command that has its own reasons, even if we never learn of those reasons. Some of the reasons though, can be the following:1- Praying for his well-being factors into such and Allah (swt) knows that at ...
  • Did the Prophet maintain his ties of kinship with Abu Lahab?
    6057 The infallibles 2009/11/25
    Silatul Arham is an act that results in family ties. Its importance in Islam is to the extent that cutting ties even with a kin who is not a believer isn’t permissible. Of course maintaining ties with a blood relative is not allowed if a he/she intentionally is ...
  • Before the Islamic Revolution who was the Wali Faqih?
    4224 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/09/06
    The concept of Welayat al Faqih (Authority and Governance of the Jurist) is a long known, well-established and original one in Shiite ideology. With the start of the major occultation in the year 326 hijri great scholars, i.e. Sheikh Saduq (381 H.), Sheikh Mofid (413 ...
  • If a non-Muslim woman, who is married to a non-Muslim man, converts to Islam, would she have to divorce her husband?
    3282 اشتراک در دین 2012/04/17
    In the case asked about, if her husband doesn't embrace Islam, she separates from him and there is no need for the divorce contract to be carried out. Of course, she needs to observe the iddah (waiting period). Annexations:
  • Are a woman and her husband in Ihram strangers to each other while performing hajj?
    3600 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/10/17
    A man and his wife are strangers to each other during hajj while they are in Ihram. Sexual union is forbidden for them and they cannot derive sexual pleasures from each other. To further explain this, there are certain prohibitions in hajj rituals. These prohibitions (apart from hunting wild animals, ...
  • Which Imam is the Sayyids' great grandfather?
    2844 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/02/12
    ثWe need to mention that in order for you to know about someone's ancestors, it is necessary to refer to genealogists as we have no knowledge or specialization in this regard.To give a short and general answer to your question, what is known is that the Razavi Sayyids are ...