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  • Please introduce a few methods of ibadat.
    4946 Practical 2012/01/15
    Ibadat means to express humbleness, obedience before Allah’s demands and following the divine rulings in our everyday life. Ibadat has levels; the highest being when it is performed along with ma’refat (knowledge and recognition) of Allah.Ibadat has ...
  • What is the meaning of the word "Allah"?
    4816 Traditional 2011/11/17
    The word "Allah" which is translated into God is a particular and the most comprehensive name of God. Hazrat Ali (a.s.) explaining the meaning of "Allah" said, "Allah means the worshipped one, by Whom people are bewildered, and to Whom they are submissive. Allah is ...
  • When does the Asr prayer time begin?
    4450 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/09/23
    The beginning of the asr prayer time is actually the time of merit for Asr prayer which starts when the specific time for Dhuhr prayer ends. ...
  • What is the ruling on having an illegitimate relationship with a non-mahram girl?
    3768 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/12/21
    Any form of sexual relationship, let it be speaking intimately, touching and caressing etc. before marriage is haram. As for fornication or zina which is intercourse with one who isn't your legal wife (by permanent marriage or mut’ah), it is a great sin as mentioned ...
  • What is Shirk?
    26463 Traditional 2007/01/21
    Literally, shirk means to allocate; technically, in Quranic terminology, shirk – in contrast to hanif – signifies the process of allocating someone/thing as the Almighty Allah’s partner or equal. Hanif means being inclined towards righteousness and moderation; hence, the term has been coined onto those who have disassociated themselves from ...
  • Please introduce/define Ibrahims followers that are known as the "Hanafian" and explain why the prophet followed Ibrahim?
    6208 Traditional 2010/04/20
    In the Quran Ibrahim has been known as a "Hanif" individual and the prophet has called the Muslim Ummah to follow his path.  From the Islamic perspective there is no fundamental difference between holy religions, therefore following the religion of Ibrahim is actually the following of original Christianity ...
  • Is it possible to sleep in heaven?
    3140 Traditional 2010/08/01
    Sleep is the body’s natural response to fatigue and tiredness, and as the Quran directly says, we know that those who enter paradise never become tired. It is because of this that our hadiths tell us that those in paradise never experience any of the entailments of the ...
  • How was Hijab enacted in Islam?
    3248 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/12/13
    Before the advent of Islam, women did not wear modest dresses or full veil in public. No sooner Islam emerged in the Arabian Peninsula than it presented clear rules for women’s dress. The rules regarding hijab and its limits are mentioned in Sura al-Ahzab and Sura al-Noor ...
  • What are the ways through which one can prevent the influence of the evil eye?
    4348 Practical 2011/05/25
    The Quran has accepted a fact called the "evil eye" and it has pointed out instances of its influence. Quranic historical reports from the predecessors also confirm it as a reality. The evil eye is a look that is believed by many scholars to be able to cause injury ...
  • Why is it necessary for the imam to be infallible and how can one tell that an imam is infallible or not?
    3578 Traditional 2009/07/19
    In contrast to the Sunni school of thought, the Shia believe that the imam is equal to the prophet in all matters other than receiving revelation. Therefore, he has to be infallible from sin and mistake just like the prophets. Nevertheless, Sunnis believe imamate to be a social ...