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  • In which year was the revelation of the Quran completed?
    9106 Quranic Studies 2011/04/20
    There are different reports about the last chapter and the last verse sent down upon the Prophet (pbuh). According to some reports, the last chapter which was revealed to the Prophet (pubh) was Chapter al-Nasr whereas some other reports consider Chapter al-Bara'ah (al-Tawbah) to be the last chapter. There ...
  • Why does the prophet's character change when he comes to power?
    3216 The infallibles 2011/12/20
    Although no proof was mentioned for such a question, but we must pay attention that a change of approach does not indicate a change of character and maybe the prophet did have an apparently different act regarding different issues depending on the time, place and situation, but we ...
  • What is sex change?
    4260 احکام تغییر جنسیت 2012/08/23
    Although dictionaries do not provide a definition for "sex change", it means any change and transformation in a male, female or genderless in such a way that the current state is different from the previous one. Medically speaking, sex change is different from "genetic modification" ...
  • Isn’t it self-pride for scholars to introduce themselves as ayatullahs or hujjatul-Islams?
    2679 Practical 2009/08/29
    Humility is a very praiseworthy virtue that helps a person develop spiritually. On the other hand, arrogance and self-pride are exactly the opposite. Self-pride means for one to show him/herself to others higher and greater than what he/she actually is. Therefore, if one introduces him/herself as he/she really ...
  • Exactly how much time has passed from the immediate and gradual revelation of the Holy Quran?
    6188 Quranic Studies 2010/05/20
    The immediate revelation of the Holy Quran upon the blessed heart of the Holy Prophet (s) happened on the Night of Qadr (one of the nights of the Holy Month of Ramadhan). By referring to some of the traditions and their context, the possibility becomes ...
  • What is the Islamic point of view about exaggeration and overstatement?
    2531 گناه و رذائل اخلاقی 2013/12/05
    Lying is considered to be one of the greater sins as it is among the indecent acts.[1] In the sayings of the Ahlul-Bayt (AS), lying has been termed as the key to sins and evils. [2] Nevertheless, there are exceptions where ...
  • Where will the evil Shias be punished; in this world, the Barzakh or the Hereafter?
    6008 2012/04/17
    According to the Quran, all people will be punished or rewarded based on their actions and this is something clear; some in this world, some in the Barzakh and some in the Hereafter. As to the traditions that give the idea that the Shia will enter ...
  • How does staying at Arafat lead t self-knowledge?
    2080 حج و عمره 2015/04/14
    Arafat is the name of a land near Mecca which is obligatory for Hajjis (pilgrims) to stay there on the 9th day of the month of Zilhajja during the Hajj pilgrimage. The word Arafat is derived from “Arafa” which means recognition such as to recognise self and ...
  • rules and regulations has Islam prescribed for exultations and happiness?
    2825 Practical 2011/12/19
    Real happiness from the perspective of a faithful individual is achieved when he performs an act which draws him one step closer to his Lord. However, human beings can benefit from lawful and diverse worldly pleasures so as to satiate his natural desire. At times, these actions ...
  • Does Islam consider prostrating in respect permissible?
    7100 Exegesis 2008/07/02
    According to Islam and the Shia school of thought, prostration is the most complete and beautiful form of worship which solely belongs to Allah (swt) and no other has the right to be prostrated to.As for the prostration of the brothers of Prophet Yusuf, it wasn’t a prostration ...