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Random questions

  • What is the meaning behind the concept of Wilayah Takwini and what is its connection with the Infallible Imams (a)?
    7385 Theoretical 2010/08/14
    Wilayah in lexicon means the coming of something right after another, without any space existing in between them. This calls for the closeness and nearness of these two to each other. Wilayah has been used to denote love and friendship, victory and assistance, following and submission, as well ...
  • What is the history of Ibadiyya and where do the Ibadies live?
    7563 شیعه و دیگر مذاهب 2014/01/20
    The Ibadi movement linked to Abdullah bin Ibadh is a group of moderate Kharijites and the dominant sect in Oman and north Africa. However, Ibadis deny anything more than a passing relation to the Khawarij and point out that they merely developed out of the same precursor ...
  • What is the relationship between the soul and body?
    7912 Islamic Philosophy 2009/12/28
    Regarding the link and relationship between the soul and body, one must say that the body is one of the several degrees of the soul and spirit, resulting in the body being located in the soul and spirit, not the spirit and soul being trapped in the body, ...
  • Is there any hadith on prohibition of dancing? If there is any, please mention it.
    6190 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/10/04
    Before answering the question, we wish to draw your attention to a necessary introduction. You should note that the existence of a tradition in a hadith book does not necessarily mean that we can use the tradition in our arguments or that it is a proof of something. It ...
  • How should one resist the temptation to commit sins?
    5406 Practical 2011/08/10
    The temptation to commit a sin is a disease like the sin itself. Like all other diseases, protection against this sin involves two stages e.g. prevention and cure. When it comes to the prevention stage, it should be noted that a person can eradicate all those things that may ...
  • What must be said during the temporary marriage and what are its terms and conditions?
    9140 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/01/04
    In order to carry out a temporary (concubine) marriage contract, a number of prerequisites ought to be executed: (i)                   the contract's formula ought to be read out. Consent (from the man and woman involved), alone, does not suffice; such a consent, moreover, must be ...
  • What is the reason behind the necessity of paying Khums and where is it spent? Why don't the Sunnis pay it?
    9488 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/05/18
    1. There are few verses in the holy Quran that contain general ordinances about obligations such as purity, prayers, hajj, fasting etc. The exposition and clarification of those ordinances and their conditions have been designated to the Prophet (pbuh) and his successors. The rules regarding fast and hajj (the obligatory ...
  • Considering the many verses in the Quran that praise the Sahabah, why do the Shia scold them?
    7464 Traditional 2009/08/22
    Without a doubt, the verses you have mentioned and other verses have all been revealed in praise of the true followers and companions of the prophet (pbuh), nevertheless, if one focuses more on them and the verses that sometimes scold some of the Sahabah, and if one looks ...
  • Why were we brought to a world in which sinning is possible just because of Prophet Adam’s mistake?
    4029 Traditional 2009/09/23
    All prophets of Allah (swt) are infallible and invulnerable to sin, and what Prophet Adam (pbuh) did was that he simply didn’t take heed in Allah's (swt) advice, which is not considered true disobedience.  The truth of the matter is that Prophet Adam (pbuh) and all people coming ...
  • What does Ahl al-Bayt mean?
    6271 Modern 2007/06/21
    Ahl al-Bayt is a Quranic, Hadith, and theological term meaning the family of the Noble Prophet of Islam (s). This term, with this meaning has been used in the Quran in the verse of purity (33:33).All Shia commentators of the Quran and many Sunni ones – by using evidence ...