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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:دین اسلام)

Random questions

  • Is questioning pervasive and all-encompassing? What does questioning of prophets mean?
    2168 Exegesis 2015/05/03
    An important issue discussed in religious texts in connection with the Day of Resurrection is the subject of questioning on this very day. What is actually inferred from Quranic verses and prophetic traditions is that the questioning is pervasive and it is there for everyone; it is ...
  • Does man have the capacity to love Allah?
    3940 Practical 2010/09/05
    The logic behind experiencing ‘metaphoric’ love is to reach true love and if it is accompanied with chastity, after causing fundamental changes and developments it will bring man very close to Godly love. The very core and truth of religion is to reach the status of loving Allah; ...
  • What is the duty of those following the prayer, when the Imam makes a mistake?
    4174 Fiqh 2007/01/10
    Assuming the Imam of a congregational salat either doubts the number of units (rak’ahs) recited or recites the salat in error, the ma’mumin (those following the Imam in salat) may inform the Imam in relation to the number of units, or other duty, as long as they are certain. However, ...
  • How can a person be forgiven for his sins?
    5039 Practical 2010/12/21
    There are many ways mentioned below that one can be forgiven and purified from his sins and misdeeds:1- Repenting according to its conditions and returning to Allah. 2- Doing extraordinary good deeds that cause the ...
  • When are nafilahs to be performed?
    4985 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/08/16
    Performing nafilahs prepares one for performing the wajib prayers and brings a tendency and desire for performing Islamic obligatory acts and wajib prayers.The most important outcome of praying nafilahs is what the famous hadith of Qubul-Nawafil discloses to ...
  • Knowing that people are not infallible how can we be sure they won't make a mistake choosing the (Waly Faqih) Supreme Leader?
    4216 System 2010/09/09
    All growth and development that takes place in a society is dependant on a capable leader and obeying his commands. From the Shia point of view during the occultation of Imam Mahdi in which no one can be in touch with the Imam, the just ...
  • How is possible to ward off bad thoughts and improve my relationship with God?
    5487 Practical 2011/08/10
    The relationship is always mutual. Our relationship with God is sometimes severed and cut off or tend to become weak; but He is always and everywhere with us. God, the Exalted say, "And He is with you wheresoever ye may be. And Allah sees well all that ...
  • How is it possible for some of the Imams to reach Imamate while still children?
    4217 The infallibles 2011/08/15
    According to the undisputed belief of Imami Shi’ism taken from numerous verses and Prophetic traditions, the Imamate is a Divine position. So if it is established that someone has been divinely appointed to this position a Muslim must submit to his command and authority without question obeying ...
  • Are the homeopathic remedies halal?
    3261 گوناگون 2013/11/23
    If homeopathic remedies do not involve using impure or haram things or any illegal method of cure and they do not cause any damage to the patient's health, there would be no problem in it. Index: The same question has been forwarded to the offices of some ...
  • Why are apostates executed in Islam? Doesn’t that contradict freedom of belief?
    6257 Laws and Jurisprudence 2008/12/10
    In Islamic terms, apostasy means for one to openly express and show his/her renouncement of religion and usually ends up in others being encouraged to do the same. The punishment for apostasy doesn’t apply to one who has turned away from religion but doesn’t announce it. Therefore, it ...